We love Friends For Street Children (FFSC); as you can guess, they take care of street children in Ho Chi Minh giving them education, food and shelter when needed.

Association Léon is supporting them by funding a teacher for one of their educational centers (see here) and we think we can do more, thanks to the continuous support of our donors (see here to make a donation right now 🙂  ).

FFSC has a sponsorhip programm for teenagers from 11 years old onwards and we are proudly responsible for 5 students, providing for their needs and making sure they get the right education.

If they look a little tense in the picture of september 2016 when Irène was handing them their schoolarship; that’s probably because they have to maintain a certain level by always finishing with positive results. That’s the policy of FFSC under the strict watch of Sister Thao.

irene bourse 2016Irene remise bourses sep 2016

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