In 2005, a Peruvian “étoile” dancer, Vania Masias, was very touched when seeing teenagers doing dangerous acrobatics on the street lights in Lima, trying to make some money. She was impressed by their talent, knowing what kind of discipline it takes to manage those risky swings. She asked them if they would like to take “real” dance class with her. They set a place and time for a first trial course. On the planned day, so many young people showed up that she understood she had to take a step further: she created a dance school to teach them proper hip hop, jazz, breakdance or acrobatics and young people kept on enrolling! AngelesD1 was born.

As the project was growing, they developed an educational team giving those kids psychological support to help them cope with their reality. It is important to mention that only kids following a regular scholarship are allowed to attend the dance classes, which motivates them to continue their studies.

Some of the students have already been employed for their talents outside of Peru: one of them started his own dance school in Buenos Aires and another one is working in Helsinki, as a choreograph. The aim of this organization is not only to teach them to dance; it is to teach them to become an independent artist and a responsible human being.

Association Léon could support AngelesD1 to close their budget 2012 thanks to your support! Great job.

Visit their fascinating website, only in Spanish: :

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