What an inspiring story. It all started in 2008 when Carlos, a young successful spanish lawyer, decided to take some time off surfing in Sumbawa, a remote island in Indonesia. A young boy tried to communicate with him on the beach but could hardly speak English. Carlos then proposed to meet him the following morning and teach him some basic English. Next day, the young boy showed up for his lesson with 150 other persons: kids, teenagers, adults, all motivated to learn English! They all attended Carlos’s classes carefully for the next days, until he left. After flying back to Barcelona, Carlos couldn’t help thinking of the many smiles he had left in Indonesia and started working on the Harapan Project.

The goal of the Harapan Project is to help the most vulnerable and fragile Indonesian communities in many areas such as health, nutrition, access to drinking water, etc. and of course education – which is the area Association Léon in mostly interested in.

The Harapan Project cooperates with these communities in the development of their well-being, respecting their cultures, beliefs and habits.

Carlos spent a couple of years travelling to Sumbawa to slowly move his project forward. In 2010, he decided to completely dedicate himself to this project and moved to Indonesia leaving his life and law practice in Spain. The community of Sumbawa island is a group of 8000 people, 30% of them in school age.

Association Léon heard about Carlos and the Harapan project end of December 2012 and is really proud to finance the running costs for 2013 for all the existing activities already put in place. All of this thanks to your donations!

In 2014 our contribution covered the educational material for a year.

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