Meet Nguyen family living in a challenging disctrict outside Ho Chi Minh. They have 3 kids:

  • Nguyen Bao, 17 years old, in 11th grade, he will enter 12th grade in September 2014.
  • Nguyen Loc, 11 years old, in 8 th grade, he will enter 9th grade in September 2014.
  • Nguyen Phuc, 9 years old, in 5th grade, she will enter 6th grade in September 2014.

In spite of both parents working the family revenue is poor. The father drives a moto taxi and earns about 2.30 US$/day. He became handicaped after suffering an accident in the construction work he used to do before. The mother does cleaning and get little money for letting someone using her house to do some sawing.

Irène Bostsarron -our representative in Vietnam- met them through Jean-Marc Mignot, a very engaged man who has been doing charity for 42 years!

Association Léon sponsored the 3 kids’ educational fees for the coming school year (2014-2015).

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