In october 2013 Fanny traveled to Iquitos to meet Leslie who started her nurse studies in april 2013 thanks to Association Léon. She passed all the monthly tests she had so far and turned out to be a motivaed student! It was a good opportunity to chit chat with her; i learned that she wants to specialised as a laboratory technician.

Iquitos is a surprising city; once prosperous thanks to rubber extraction. Now it mainly lives on tourism and petrol production. It is on the side of the Amazon river and the water level goes up to 8 meters in may! Houses are build either to float during high water season, or on pilotis to avoid inundations.

On the same trip, Fanny discovered the program “Adopt a School“, which seem to do a great work in that remote region of Peru since 1993. We are seeing how Association Léon could collaborate to help them.

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