The Association Léon is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 by 6 friends.

•Fanny & Nicolas Brabeck-Letmathe
•Adriani & Lionel Constantin-Danos
•Maria & Vincent Rapin-Saiz

The purpose of the association is to support education-related projects they believe in.

That’s for the official part.

It really all started around a great dinner and one or two bottles of wine! We were in the middle of discussing the sad (but true) fact that every life seldom leaves any space to help or even think of helping people in need, when Nicolas shared the story of his family who had succeeded in funding the construction of several schools in Venezuela simply by collecting donations from friends during birthday parties instead of receiving gifts. How simple. It just so happened that Nicolas was turning 30 that same year. And that’s how association Léon was born. We created it and had it, initially funded by the generosity of friends and family flying from all over the world to celebrate Nicolas’s birthday!

2007 was also a very special year for all of us: we were becoming parents for the first time! Parents tend to quickly understand that the most powerful tool to improve life is Education. And that’s how the objective of the association was set to fund projects supporting Education behind the motto: ”Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day! Teach him how to fish and he will eat forever”.

One of the main barriers of giving for charity is the lack of trust that 100% of the money donated is used efficiently. Therefore association Léon commits that it will only invest in projects it can personally relate to and track closely.

You can browse our blog to see what has already been accomplished and like our Facebook Page to keep you in the loop.