Thank you very much for your support. It’s very much needed!
We kindly ask all donors from Switzerland to use a bank transfer for their generous contribution:

IBAN: CH20 0900 0000 1729 8764 6

Account owner:
Association Léon
Av. Miremont 35
1206 Genève

This should be working as well for most European donors and is the best way to make sure all your pennies reach us with the minimum loss.

Please note, that donations made by tax payers residing in Switzerland are deductible (as from CHF 200). The necessary form will be automatically provided at the beginning of the year following your donation(s).

We have a PayPal account as well, that can be used in case the bank wire doesn’t work (for some countries overseas). Bear in mind that this option is subject to PayPal tarifs policy, meaning a small amount of your donation will go into PayPal’s pocket!