Have you ever been to Namibia? Peaceful landscapes. Fascinating wildlife. And luxury lodges.

On a memorable trip to Africa, Fanny spent two days in a “Wilderness safari” lodge and heard of their non profit social program. She was very impressed with their details and their commitment to give back to the local community.

“Wilderness safari” are high end lodges in several countries in Africa. They created a non-profit organization, promoting education and community development within the villages surrounding their lodges, which ties perfectly with Association Léon’s goal to promote education.

Together with Wilderness safari, we are currently sponsoring two students in Namibia in 2017 : Suzette and David!  \_(シ)_/    we wish them a successful and enriching school year, and are sure we’ll be able to keep sponsoring them in 2018, thanks to the generous support of our donors.


What is the socio-economic impact of high end ecotourism? Great findings from Susan Snyman.