100 % for education.

You will love to know that absolutely 100 % of your donation will be dedicated to an educational project. Not one of your pennies will be spent for administrative costs, running costs, travel costs, production of give aways, communication costs. The founders of Association Léon are happy to take care of these kind of dull expenses.

You give us 1$  →  the kids get 1$

You give us 5’000 $  →  the kids get 5’000 $

We love the example with the 5’000 $. The kids love it too.   └(=^‥^=)┐

100 % reliable.

You will love to know that we personnaly know someone in each one of the project we support. Let’s take Taller de los Niños in Peru for example. As Fanny Brabeck-Letmathe (one of the Association’s founder) lived in Peru (from 2011 to 2015) she heard from Taller de los Niños and personnaly met the director of the project several times in Lima. Fanny visited the facilities, even got there with friends of hers and organised “used toys/clothes” collection to bring it to Taller de los Niños.

We won’t just send you money overseas without being sure first that it will reach the right person for the right purpose at the right price.


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