Cameroon was accessible to Association Léon thanks to Perrine de la Fouchardière, a dear friend of Fanny and Nicolas, who moved to Douala with her family in 2015. A few months after she settled in, she volonteered to connect us to the community and areas where Association Léon could help.

Perrine met Josette, the dynamic lady in charge of CEREN in Nkongsamba, Douala, Cameroon. CEREN is a center created in 1974 whose mission is to rescue and support abandoned children and orphans. In 2015, they were in care of 82 kids!

Most of these children are abandoned by their parents; orphans who don’t know where they came from, or who their parents are. Some of them get involved in drug consumption, gangsta life and become very dangerous in the society.

CEREN provides these children with education, shelter, medical assistance when needed and life-skills to enable them to become economically self-sufficient and educated as they grow up.

In 2016 we took care of scholarship costs for 60 kids attending schools around the center.

For 2017 Association Léon funds the teaching material that will be needed throughout the year.

We recieve regular news from Josette and updates from CEREN center. Hopefully, your continous help will allow us to be faithful to them and be on their side for 2018.

mai 2017